a few of "the stoop" members


A.T. "aka" Awesome Trucker is from out of Tennessee and is the owner of Newsom Express. She has been an OTR Dry Van Operator for seven years. Affectionately known as "Mama Stoop", she was the one who planted the seed by having the idea of  handing out leftovers to the homeless, which  "The Stoop Family" had after a gathering. 


Choicemas "aka" Choice is the owner of  The Claxton  Group. He is President of "Truckers Feeding the Homeless" and creator of "The Stoop".  He has been an OTR Flatbed Operator for three years, and he's out of New York.   


Newhouse "aka" House is an OTR Dry Van Operator from out of New York. He is the owner of Newhouse Express Trucking and has been driving for 13 years.


10/34 Chillin "aka" Ten is an OTR Dry Van Operator from out of Georgia. He is the owner of YFT . He has been driving for three years.


Young in Trucking "aka" Spins is an OTR Conestoga Operator out of Arizona. He has been driving for two years.  


Jack Black "aka Black drove for 20 years, taking time off since 2014. He knows what challenges the homeless face because hope, prayer, and talking to good people gave him a way out.


Atti2d ( pronounced Attitude ) “aka” Prince Of Pepper Pike, is an OTR driver out of Ohio. He has an attitude, sometimes bad but mostly good. He’s abrasive to some, but a fool to none.   Words he lives by:   You never know how strong you are until strong is all you have.   Hobbies:   Biking, boating, concerts, traveling, making a fool of himself, and aggravating the living sh*t out of his wife.

My name is Johnny. I’m from Washington DC. I’m a first class piece of white trash.

My name is Johnny. I’m from Washington DC. I'm a truckdriver out of Michigan.


Laura “aka” Survivor is a professional Health Services Administrator in the health insurance industry for over 20 years.  Recently obtained her CDL-A.  She is Secretary of “Truckers Feeding the Homeless”.


I'm Sunny Rob! Lived in NJ all my life.  Worked in corporate, owned a business, been a stay-at-home-mom to 3 great kids, and have been a care-giver.  CDL-A January 2013 - drove horses.  Currently drive a Class B school bus.  Stoop member since 2018.  Love driving, animals, cooking, antiques, DYIs, online sales.

My name is Karen and I live in the mountains of Idaho.  I enjoy wildlife and helping others.  I belo

My name is Karen and I live in the mountains of Idaho.  I enjoy wildlife and helping others.  I belong to a family of truck drivers. 


H aka Mr. H

Like being cool and minding my own business. A God fearing man that has nothing  but love for my fellow man. I have worked in the chemical industry for nearly 30 years. I’ve been married nearly the same amount of years. I enjoy helping those who need and want to be helped. Not asking for nothing in return. Because the blessing is in the giving. I have a few hobbies, some are working on cars, reading, research, music ( favorite being gospel ), collector of various items and a few other things. I stay busy. I also enjoy this group of people I met ( The Stoop ). We are a blended family that has laughed with one another and felt the grief of one another.