A stoop, as it relates to the entrance of many urban buildings, ofttimes, hold refuge and comfort to its occupants and visitors. From family to friends and even strangers, sharing laughter and sometimes tears, is what the stoop encounters. A substantial amount of those “stoop-traits” are amongst a group of “us” professional truck drivers, which makes it quite appropriate that we are known as The Stoop. Created by Fredrick Claxton, aka, Choicemas, our members incorporate every facet and walk of life. We have formulated a friendship that bonds like family, spanning across the United States. And although many form stereotypes about truckers, do not be misled because we are  some of the most caring individuals’... you’ll ever meet.    

Since this family unit has been created, we are constantly communicating either via phone or social media. We also congregate in person, especially, during trucking events. This leads to how Truckers Feeding the Homeless was developed.  In August of 2018, some of The Stoop members attended The Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX. During our ride to the event, there was a noticeable amount of less-fortunate, homeless people engulfing the streets and freeways. 

After attending the show, The Stoop all met back at an Airbnb and like most families, we celebrated being together by feasting on good food. Once we were all full, one of our members, A.T., aka, Awesome Trucker, noticed we had a massive amount of leftovers. Still lingering in her mind, as with us all, was the sobering site of the homeless. Needless to say, she suggested that we take the leftovers to the streets and gift them with a good and nourishing meal.  It would take a wonderful woman to plant the seed and begin this life-changing process for us. With 18 plates, we went to serve them.  However, when we got there, we were met with a greater number than expected. So, we returned to the Airbnb and prepared the last of what we had, making about 20 or so more plates. We then hit the pavement again. Unfortunately, this still proved to be an insufficient amount to accommodate all those in need.  

This was the start of our movement. After that incident in Texas, we decided to repeat it in March of 2019, while attending the  Mid-American Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky. This time we feed close to 400. With that success, we are now heading back to Dallas in August of 2019. Our target is to feed 600 or more. 

Many ask, “what else does Truckers Feeding the Homeless plan to do” because they are encouraged with our cause. The best way we can answer this question is simply,  we hope this is the  beginning of a transformation for them. We want ‘Feeding Chapters’ through-out the U.S., and to also assist them with getting employment and off the streets. We would like to have a tremendous amount of resources, allotting the connection for opportunities. This to include training and educational programs, perhaps with acquiring their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL); or they can pursue an entirely different field. Also, do not be deceived by their homelessness detecting  their knowledge. Many of them are some of the smartest, most intelligent people you’ll find. They are well- trained, educated and the likes, with many being our veterans. However, thus for reason we may not know, they are now in need and we would like to be a foundation they can build on. 

Just as we proclaim in our logo’s sub-title for Truckers Feeding the Homeless, and that is… this too shall take us doing it...“one mile at a time”.